Kristin Metho
Graphic Design

Josef Trattner: SOFA
Publication, 2010

For his Sofa Journeys Josef Trattner used readily transportable foam rubber sofas he designed himself.
He travelled to selected cities with them, met up with authors who were either resident or knew the place well, talked with them and animated them to write texts featuring the furniture object. The otherwise settled and sedentary piece of seating thus mutated into a vragant and nomadic motif, straying through both the cities and the texts.

The concept of the book picks up on Trattner's recurring element of repetition. In nine chapters Trattner's Sofa Journeys are visualized by large format image details and shifting cut-outs of a pages photo index introduced at the beginning of the book. The effect of zooms and repetition serves as staging means. The typography is simple and straightforward.

Josef Trattner: SOFA
In English and German
210 × 280 mm, sewn softcover, 226 pages