Kristin Metho
Graphic Design

Videowall: Untitled (Democracy)
Installation, 2011

For 'Videowall 2011', initiated by the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht and Cultuur-Ondernemen, 15 artists were asked to produce a video installation to be displayed on the facade of the Stadsschouwburg. I have collaborated with Roy Snippe and Hadas Lieber.

For 'Videowall 2011', we have dealt with the possibility of behavioural manipulation by images within the public domain. Departing from an interest in collective human behaviour and private rituals, a gesture of everyday life, is being isolated and repeated by performers. Untitled (Democracy) projects a series of actions that each retains a degree of individuality, but only when they come together to constitute a whole, they address a form of dynamics where the border between individual participation and imposed collectivity is being blurred.

4-channel video installation, 12 x 3 m, 6:05 mins (loop)
Cast: Irene Barahoorn, Martijn van Beek, Miranda Donkervoet-Camphuysen, Margriet Duyster, Joëlle Gans, Brenda Goedhart, Kaj Goedhart, Jo Habets, Alex Helmers, Hannah Lassche, Bram van den Munckhof, Floor Nijdeken, Nienke van der Ploek, Marta Mestres Portavella, Claire Posthumus, Charlotte Sousa, Roy Snippe, Jana Steffen, and Judith Teunissen.