Kristin Metho
Graphic Design

Dazwischen Etwas Anderes
Publication/Thesis project, 2007

The publication Dazwischen etwas anderes approaches different manifestations of interspaces. Interspaces challenge thinking. As blank, distance, gap, hole, interval, niche, pause, silence, slot – the possibilities to interpret them are almost endless.

The book comprises 30 terms which are not generally defined. They are rather related with a conglomeration of found footage; text fragments, newspaper cut-outs, quotes, anecdotes. All material represents a subjective selection of themes in literature, art theory, nature, science and technology, thus remaining suggestion and approach. Additionally, I asked 24 participants to document photographically their own interpretation of interspaces. As inlays spread throughout the book, these images create all of a sudden an opening, an entry to a very personal story, while occupying an intermediate space themselves. The combination of themes and manifestations forms a whole new dimension of meaning "Interspaces".

Dazwischen etwas anderes.
Ein Nachschlagewerk zum Zwischenraum.
In German, 128 × 186 mm, soft cover, 112 pages
Includes several inlays.