Kristin Metho
Graphic Design

Publication, 2005

Exhibition experiment initiated within the framework of the International Summer School Halle 2005, and realised in collaboration with Corina Forthuber, Marion Höchtl, Judith Kernt, Martin Loistl and Carolin Weisser.

The project Schussgegenschuss aims at breaking preju-
dices about the district Halle-Neustadt and leave behind stimuli and new impulses on the public perception of this problem area.
Halle-Neustadt is a neighbourhood mainly characterized by demographic decline, massive unemployment, social negligence and serious poverty. We asked both "non-
Neustädter" and "Neustädter" to show us their view on Neustadt via disposable cameras. For three weeks we used a former counter in Halle-Neustadt’s suburban train station as platform, exhibition space and social venue.

The publication which comes in form of a photo bag is a hybrid between photo documentation and catalogue.
36 photo indices showcase all contributions, completed by a random selection of 6 original photographs making each publication unique.

Extraangebot: Schussgegenschuss
In German, 100 × 150 mm, unsewn sections, 64 pages