Kristin Metho
Graphic Design

Why Berlin?
Series of filmed interviews, 2008

The project Why Berlin?, initiated by Kummer & Herrman researches the relations and context of graphic design
in the Netherlands and Berlin. Through an inventory of questions Kummer & Herrman gather a network of personal voices about Dutch and Berlin graphic design and its relation to the public domain.

In this context, I have interviewed various creatives who have been working in Berlin since a while. The series of interviews was shown at the 4th B.A.S. presentation.

I am Berlin
Katrin Erl, Nikolaus Brade

Germans being proud of being German
Monika Szewczyk, Beate Barner

Mädchen ohne Abitur
Katrin Erl, Nikolaus Brade

Taking time to look shitty
Peter Stenkhoff, Beate Barner, Bianca Koczan, Maximilien Brunon

Poor but sexy, but still poor
Stefan Koppelkamm, Hendrik Schwantes, Michael Heimann, Beate Barner, Bianca Koczan, Maximilien Brunon, Thomas Köhler

Business might be elsewhere
Ulrich Schwartz, Hendrik Schwantes, Michael Heimann

Tore Dobberstein, Katrin Erl, Nikolaus Brade

Over a period of five months five leading Dutch graphic designers moved their studio temporarily to Berlin. They worked by the name B.A.S. in the project space of The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, on design projects which have taken place in the (Berlin) public domain.

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