Kristin Metho
Graphic Design

Witte de With
Identity, 2006/2008 – 2010

In the past identity, Witte de With was signified by a black cloud which has been replaced by a cloud in outlines floated by another cloud which is generating per season throughout the year. The idea of constant change offers rather a more responsive and dynamic identity.

As the logotype, the institutions' approach and identity exist in a shifting state. Whereas the print material of the First Season (2006/2007) has featured a series of photographs by Bas Princen of Rotterdam's peripheral areas and border zones, the concept for the printed matter of the Second Season (2008/2009) emphasized a stronger graphic aspect by using a strong typography
and a wide range of narcotic colours. From fall 2009 until summer 2010, "Morality" was the leitmotiv at Witte de With for a multitude of interconnected projects. Like a "brand", it has intervened the program and identity – from stationary to exhibition invites.